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Accounting Services

As regards accounting, Inforcérebro attaches great importance to management-oriented information and supporting data, collecting them, processing them, identifying them and interpreting them, for we understand that we are responsible for their integrity and quality.


  1. a) We record transactions (assets, rights and obligations) under the accounting regulations;
    b) We analyse and interpret the data recorded in the accounts in order to assess the previous, guide the current and prepare for the future management;
    c) We provide current and potential partners/shareholders with guidance on how to apply their capital;
    d) We offer the entities which interact with our clients accounting and financial information that allows them to support their commercial or financial relations;
    e) We provide accounting information for the valuation of the company’s assets in the event of a merger, demerger, divestiture, inheritance, liquidation, company voluntary arrangement or insolvency…