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Where needed we collaborate with other networks to ensure global coverage:


Economic and financial, legal and accounting sciences have always been and are increasingly integrated social sciences.

In response to the matters included in Inforcérebro’s core business, its Clients require that it establish business partnerships.

To meet its Clients’ requirements, Inforcérebro has signed privileged professional agreements with the following Entities in Portugal, in the Legal, Auditing, Investment, Internationalization and Management Strategy areas.


Inforcérebro believes that its Connected Thinking is a strong resource in its strategic planning and growth.

For Europe, Inforcérebro uses the network of firms of its Association, – Accounting Group International, as the strength of its expertise.

Created by accounting and auditing firms seeking international expansion and partnerships, – Accounting Group International aims to provide advice, in the technical fields in which its members specialize, in an international context.

For Africa, South America and the Middle East, Inforcérebro uses its local partners, entities of great merit and local recognition, Inforcérebro partners for each project.


Inforcérebro is proud of its strength and independence vis-à-vis any interests other than those of its Clients, allowing them the right to practice this exercise.