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The country is a major producer and exporter of various types of goods, mainly mineral, agricultural and manufactured commodities.
The agriculture, industry and services sectors are well developed and are currently enjoying a good time for expansion.

Considered an emerging country, Brazil holds the 7th place in the ranking of the world’s largest economies (2012 data). Brazil has an open economy and is involved in the globalization process.

  • Main products exported by Brazil (2014): iron ore, cast iron and steel; crude petroleum oils; soybean and soy products; cars; cane sugar; aircraft; beef; coffee and chicken meat.
    Main products imported by Brazil (2013): crude oil; electronic circuits; transmitters/receivers; car parts; pharmaceuticals; cars; fuel oil; natural gas, electrical equipment and aircraft engines.Brazil is a member of the following trade organizations:
    • Mercosur
    • Unasul
    • WTO (World Trade Organization)

    Types of energy consumed in Brazil (2013 data):
    – Oil and oil products: 37.7%
    – Hydraulic: 14.1%
    – Natural gas: 10.3%
    – Coal: 5.2%
    – Biomass: 21.2%
    – Wood: 9.5%
    – Nuclear: 1.4%
    – Wind: 0.5%

    Main agricultural products produced: coffee, orange, sugar cane (sugar and alcohol production), soybean, tobacco, maize, yerba mate.
    Main livestock products: beef, chicken, pork.
    Main minerals produced: bauxite, iron ore, aluminium, manganese, magnesite and tin.