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Mergers and Acquisitions


Inforcérebro and the Challenges of the Acquisition Mandate.
Mergers and acquisitions are no longer of a regional and national nature, but have become transnational and, more recently, transcontinental.
This trend directly or indirectly affects all companies, both LARGE and SMALL.

Inforcérebro helps its clients at all stages of the merger and acquisition process:
• Definition of the Business strategy;
• Search and selection of applicants;
• Approach and initial negotiation;
• Monitoring of due diligence; diagnosis, valuation of the target company and price negotiation;
• Financing of acquirers;
• Integration of the acquired company – completion of the transaction;
• Post-acquisition analysis of the target company’s integration process.

Private Equity


Do you want to become a shareholder of the company you manage?
Are you planning to sell your shares to your managers or even to your employees?

These are the issues that management teams and/or shareholders are increasingly facing.

Inforcérebro will assist in the preparation of the Business Plan to support the evaluation of the selling/purchase price of the target company.
In buyout transactions, the value of the company “at the time of exit” of the financial investors is extremely important.

Inforcérebro can help its clients in this transaction.


An MBI is a transaction similar to an MBO. What distinguishes these two transactions is the fact that, in an MBI, the management team consists of external members.

Inforcérebro’s Corporate Finance can help you at all stages of the transaction and, in particular, to find your target company, in line with your profile and experience.


A Business Plan is an extremely useful product for those who intend to create a company or wish to make a new investment in an existing company.
Through predefined structuring and systematization, the Business Plan incorporates planning and deciding on an investment, making it much easier and, at the same time, more accurate.

Many businesses fail because they have not been thought, written down and simulated in a systematic way.

With Inforcérebro, you can make decisions about the future of your company by referring to the past, the current situation vis-à-vis the market, customers and competition.

As the Business Plan includes a wide range of financial tables, it enables a consistent and sustained investment analysis and calculation of the project’s profitability.

Our team’s expertise and know-how can assist you in the definition of your strategy, in the preparation of Business Plans and in the financial modelling of your business.