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Inforcérebro believes that its Connected Thinking is a strong resource in its strategic planning and growth.

It is through Connected Thinking that:

• We make our clients’ international business work;
For EUROPE and the USA, Inforcérebro uses the network of firms of its Association, – Accounting Group International, which through the clients of Associated firms, these position themselves as Business Partners of Inforcérebro clients for PORTUGAL, EUROPE, AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA, MIDDLE EAST, territory of investment, in the context of Inforcérebro’s know-how.

For AFRICA, SOUTH AMERICA and the MIDDLE EAST, Inforcérebro uses its own “Local Partners”, entities of great merit and local recognition, particularly in several economic sectors.

Inforcérebro helps you in your Application for the “PORTUGAL 2020” PROGRAMME – THE Investment Incentives Scheme for the INTERNATIONALIZATION of the Portuguese Economy (https://www.portugal2020.pt/Portal 2020).

www.portugal2020.pt/Portal 2020