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Incentives Solutions Risk

Business Recovery services and Insolvency

Inforcérebro has found appropriate solutions for the economic and financial recovery of companies, either through financial restructuring and voluntary arrangement obtained extrajudicially, or through mechanisms envisaged by the law, notably judicial intervention.

Inforcérebro has been an active and effective player in the financial restructuring of small, medium and large sized enterprises in the textile, electric conductors, organic chemicals, wooden furniture, ceramics, construction, solar energy and wine industries, as well as in the wholesale and retail trade sector. Compositions, Voluntary Arrangements, Controlled Management and Financial Restructuring have been established with creditors.

We provide the following services:

– Economic and financial feasibility studies, supported by restructuring and recovery plans and strategies;
– Strategic negotiation and development of action plans in conjunction with the creditors as part of a strategy of optimization in the negotiation of liabilities.

The General Manager of Inforcérebro was for many years “Judicial Manager” and “Insolvency Practitioner”.

Inforcérebro, based on the success of its own experience, can confirm that recourse to legal action can also be an effective, efficient, transparent and quick way to create the best conditions for the entry of new investors in the capital of ailing companies and achieve their recovery.


“Inforcérebro, through a conclusive technical and experienced diagnosis, has successfully advised some companies to make decisions under the best management principles within the bankruptcy process.”