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Mergers and Acquisitions

With its professionalism and independence, Inforcérebro helps its clients create value and gain energy at all stages of the merger and acquisition process.


Do you want to become a shareholder of the company you manage?

Inforcérebro technically supports the structuring of the buyout operation with new shareholders or sellers in the negotiation process, as well as donors – banks or investment funds or other.


Inforcérebro’s Corporate Finance can help you at all stages of the transaction.


At a time when we are talking a great deal about entrepreneurship and the need to boost the economy by developing new business projects, the implementation of a Business Plan is an extremely useful product.

Our team’s expertise and know-how can assist you in the definition of your strategy, in the preparation of Business Plans and in the financial modelling of your business.


The Project Finance team focuses its work on setting up and structuring transactions on a project risk basis (project finance).

Inforcérebro’s Project Finance team monitors the project throughout its life, acting as a privileged interface between the company and the Group of Donors.

VALUATION BUSINESS – Strategic advice and valuation

We provide independent valuations to your business. We assess the financial implications, for example, corporate debt, restructuring, investments, mergers and joint ventures.

The main value drivers of the business are analysed and interpreted in a clear and objective manner by the Corporate Finance team.


This area aims to maximize the return on the client’s business in any transaction, ensuring that the advice provided creates value for the shareholder.

Through our multidisciplinary approach, we perform and support the financial and tax due diligence of potential transactions, accounting and tax structuring, adjustment of the purchase price and financial conditions, as well as support the actual completion of transactions.